Honorable Minister

Building Construction Department,

Government of Bihar

I am delighted to know the activities and development of Building Construction Department, Patna.

Achieving the construction of superior structures in relatively less time using the latest technology is really commendable. As we all know that we can fulfill todays demand only by using superior mechanical equipments, dextereous employees and by following timelines.By using top level research,quality work,capable employees and deft workers Deapartment should take it as a challenge to construct cheaper,environment friendly and durable structures

I expect that Building Construction Department would use its entire capacity in the new discoveries for building construction and would definitely play the lead role in the Structural development of Bihar.

I pray for the Success in above endeavours.

It gives me immense pleasure to associate myself with the activities of Building Construction Department.

As we know, the objective of the department is to construct big and prestigious buildings, their maintenance, estates and such other constructions which State Government may assign. Apart from construction, renovation, up gradation and maintenance of residential and non-residential government buildings, the planning and design of building network to provide optimized connectivity to residential and non-residential govt. buildings of various departments etc. are also one of the important activities of the department.

Frequent inspection, training, proper utilization of human resources, and inspiring the officials/staff with great sense of enthusiasm, along with connecting and visualizing for multiple latest techniques are the basic instinct for development of our organization. Problems and grievances of staff/officials are being addressed through efficient and scientific manner.

I wish it all success.

Shri Chanchal Kumar


Principal Secretary

Building Construction Department